Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Shit, I wish I was technosity.

Stacia here. is, like, totally sick. I've been at these trainings for work that are attempts to brainwash me into thinking all of these things that I truly, truly, totally, in my heart believe. It's tedious, makes me think my allegiances are trite. So counter-, right? Well, whatevs. Because I just drank a fair amount of beer with one of my new co-workers and I feel like we're going to be a unified front of rad brains and hearts for better education, and I'm feeling real jazzy about it.

Other things to feel jazzy about are nights of sewing weird hippie clothes (I have the instructions), and thinking about some very dead German guys ruminations of life and journaling on these points. This shit will come back to bite us all, I guar-on-tee it.

Hrumph. If we only could find the best conduits and channels. I mean, all the things in the world to know and love are waiting, and then there are all these other people who are ripe to learn. We have to be the best conduits and channels. Wait--I'm not supposed to be this sincere here, right? Uh, fuck it. I'm goth, anyhow.

So, I need to be learning some things in philosophy. I have no idea where to start. I'm hung up on humans' ability to cooperate with intention for abstract goals. Do youz guys know who thinks and write about that? Mmmmkaaaaayeeeee.

I love and I love fiercely and that means you.

Sincerely yours,


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Just said...

dawg...maybe we can get together and watch the secret soon. i hear it has the answers.