Wednesday, October 17, 2007

eating like someone else...

Pretty sure I told JD about my HEB sammy binge last night (in my car) (in the parking lot of the big HEB in San Marcos.) (It was turkey and cheese on stale marble bread.) (I found a tur-scrappen in my car this afternoon.) (There were some generic cool ranch Doritos there, also.). Now you all know.

But, I was thinking it could be kind of funny to try eating like someone else. Just pick someone you see and try to eat like them for a while. You might even go back to eating like you but reacting like they would. Just thinking about switching identities, lately. Might want to just be someone else for Halloween. Maybe that will be my fix.

I just Google-ed "eat." What kind of world are we living in? I'll tell you. A big, gay one.

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rangga said...

wow, that's nice body..