Sunday, November 25, 2007

I like talking about myself, but I don't want all of MySpace to know!!!

1.Honestly, how many people have you had "STRONG" feelings for?
-I pretty much only feel strongly.

2. Honestly, what color is your shirt?
-I'm wearing 4 right now. they are all different colors!

3. Honestly, what's on your mind?
-lame science writing.

4. Honestly, what are you doing right now?
-See 3.

5. Honestly, do you think you are attractive?
-Jessica told me once that I'm lucky to be attractive in more than one way. I trust her.

6. Honestly, have you done something bad today?
-I gave someone a shoe wedgie with a soccer cleat. by accident.

7. Honestly, do you watch Wild n' Out ?
-is that the family melodrama-comedy with the retarded son?

8. Honestly, are you jealous of someone right now?
-only tara reid. those tits!!!

9. Honestly, who makes you happy most of the time?
-my friends, my family.

10. Honestly, how long is your hair?
-not too long. I got the peggy fleming shit turned up to eleven.

11. Honestly, do you want to see someone this very minute?

12. Honestly, do you have deep secrets?
-well, kind of. I tell them all when I get drunk.

13. Honestly, are you smart?
-more in some ways than others.

14. Honestly, are you mean?
-I could be, but who wants that?

15. Honestly, who did you copy and paste this from?
-Rogue, who I never see.

16. Honestly, where would you rather be right now?
-in the future, next Friday, with this stupid work all done.

17. Honestly, do you love someone?
-uh, ever heard of humanity?!?!?

18. Honestly, who was the last person to call you and what did they say?
-Jessica mentioned the craft store--whether I wanted to get crazzy with her, a glue gun, and molly.

19. Honestly, is there anything currently annoying you?
-my own inability to focus, a little cold that kept me from running as fast as I'd have liked at soccer.

20. Honestly, what was the last thing you ate?
-a little broken part of a fancy bar of dark chocolate.

21. Honestly, have you gone out of your way to make a new friend?
-without being insincere, I think it's my m.o. I love people a lot.

22. Honestly, do you shower?

23. Honestly, are you desperate?
-desperate to be done with grad school. a little bit desperate to get a funny dog.

24. Honestly, are you single?

25. Honestly, ever made anyone cry?
-ech, I think so.

26. Honestly, have you ever cried over someone?
-oh jeez. ech.

28. Honestly, have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
-over all kinds of things.

29. Honestly, have you kissed someone of the opposite sex this week?

31. Honestly, what were you doing last night at twelve?
-sleeping on the couch while a movie ended.

32. Honestly, are you normally a happy person?
-yes! but not a vacant person.

33. Honestly, what makes you mad?
-mostly dishonesty and cowardice.

34. Honestly, does being with your friends make you happy?
-yo, it's like a fucking supercure.

35. Honestly, do you believe in yourself?
-100%, but not always correctly. in my own head, I'm a total dynamo with limitless energy and no need for sleep. those dynamo qualities are not actually real.

36. Honestly, are you a good kisser?
-depends who I'm kissing.

37. Honestly, is cheating acceptable?
-dude, it's cheating. which, by definition, is uncool. you can get expelled from school for that shit, right? so you can get expelled from a relationship, too. that said, we all do the best we can to take care of ourselves and the people we love. shit happens.

38. Honestly, have you ever laughed until you cried?
-at a gumby video, most recently.

39. Honesty, do you have something you want to tell someone?
-I could tell my friends that I love them?

40. Honestly, are you a relationship person?
-guess it depends who I'm relating to.

41. Honestly, what time did you wake up this morning?

42. Honestly, when is the last time you went shopping?
-some undies at marshall's last week.

43. Honestly, are you missing somebody right now?
-like, who is missing from my inventory? my dad.

44. Honestly, do you trust your friends?
-doyee. we are more than friends: we are thanes.

45. Honestly, are you afraid to fall in love?
-are you afraid of having too much fun?

46. Honestly, who was the last person to make you laugh?

47. Honestly, what was the last movie you watched?
-No Country for Old Men. I started Late Spring last night, but snoozed out.

48. Honestly, what was your first thought this morning?
-"bed is so nice."

49. Honestly, what's one thing that's always in you refrigerator?
-the one thing that actually, permanently lives in there is some ketchup neither of us uses. it would be a big surprise, though, if I opened up my fridge and there were no carrots, collard greens, or apples.

50. Honestly, what is your biggest fear?
-all the sad usuals, plus me being alone with them.