Tuesday, January 15, 2008

SF is the best!

i am back in reality, where the dogs never stop barking and the bed is comfy. most amaxing time in SF. i felt the ocean, walked a ton, hung out with rad dogs, and met a man named nick in a cafe called boogaloo. the time swayed by and i think my hair grew.
now is the time to buckle the belt.

even the vegetables talk.

hot sauce mike. a friend that rocks.

look y'all. look.

i can hear the sublime.

annalee. coolest.

friend bed.

annalee did a series of drawings like this one for a show. i love them all. attitude!

bernal hill: magic.

yeah, that's a slide.

dolores park. i wish this photo did the park more justice.
all i could do was run and lay down.

or two or three.

i hope so.

this dude made me laugh. and dang, he cute!

oh heck, cruddy steppin'.

so far, i have seen this "tag" in new orleans, nyc, and now sf. i love it.

love it. love them. love you. love her. love more.

green. calm. and awesome.

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Ben said...

dolores park is amazing.