Sunday, August 10, 2008

This about sums it up:

"So, guys, what was your favorite meal? I mean, what was that one dish that really did it?"
"I loved the scallops we had on the Cape. That was New England, you know?"
"Hey, what should we have for lunch?"
"I see a Fudrucker's."
"It's just like you to order a fat-ass hamburger before we take a five hour flight."
"Um, there's a salad place over there?"
"Let's just do calzones."

Terry and Les and Geoffrey weren't interested in my favorite meal of MY trip, but if they had asked, I'd have told them about...

To me, this was just really Alaska.

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mommakiva said...

J.B winkerberbean--- hope traveling across country for you is as satisfying for you as was and is to me. The "PAINTED DESERT" and "BLUE MESA" are some incredable energy spots. We are all looking forward to seeing you. I am going to hug you and not let you go.
I love the picture of the dog!! on the porch!!! Mean little f*#@er!!! and Hey I LOVE YOU 2.. mommakiva