Saturday, February 21, 2009

paris, france.

i've been to notre dame 4 times in three days. and cried every time.
my french isn't THAT bad. my hair is gross. italian boys like me. i'm almost finished with "the bell jar" by sylvia plath. i have my own room in a hostel on the 7th floor with one huge window that easily slides open, no screen. i feel kind of sad but totally good. i can't get over how beautiful every building is. yesterday i visited the d'orsay and wished i was the only person there. people were taking photos of the paintings. i thought that was weird and their flashes made me headache-y. i had a croissant and coffee for breakfast. what time is it in austin? i have a bad habit of missing people.

1 comment:

dan cakes said...

i have a habit of missing you,

then checking your blog,

then finding out that your are 4000 miles away from me

come home and call me