Thursday, April 9, 2009

a laconic reply.

can't see it, but this truck says: psychedelic ranger. so cool.

step by step! this is now a lamp.

amy harmon: jet setter, heart breaker.



yep, we did it.
alexis in the zipper!

women. nomen.

watch out y'all.

new secrets.

chicken playground.

power chillin' with e.t. and the cutest cats ever.

more chickens. wild cruff.


and....more secrets.

life, as of now:
-last night i dreamed about churches and ripping down a pay phone.
-i went to barton springs and felt confused.
-words that i love: abdicate. panoply.
-my lips aren't chapped anymore.
-the lavender is dead.
-my foot just fell asleep.

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