Friday, December 25, 2009

waxing gibbous

i never post anymore because my wonder camera finally shot the shit. it has made me so sad,for so long, that i'm ready to get over it. i decided to start using the little disposies, that way i can have the ACTUAL print (gasp!) AND get that shit put on cd! besides, i love the mystery.

i predict many things in 2010, like:

-getting a new camera.
-mick jagger going to space.
-starting a business.
-my cats becoming dogs.
-making. making. doing. being.

i remember many tings of 2009:

i've been 26 for a whole 10 months and for that whole 10 months i thought i was 25. i went to paris this year. i surfed for the first time (with dolphins!). i held hands with 2 different boys. i started playing the drums. i helped a brother sister team build a sandcastle. i got 5 tattoos. my bike got stolen. we lost a friend. i became even more weird and even more normal. i concentrated on all the awesome friendships that have been cultivated over the last 8 years and reveled in them. i also said goodbye to a lot of lifey yuck.

overall, a pretty dang good year. but really, isn't every year, even everyday good? when i think about the vastness of the universe or stand next to a speaker at a good show or water the garden or cry, i have to remind that little me that's sitting in my weird body that really, shit is alright.


today my mop mop held up a dvd of YANNI LIVE and exclaimed, "THIS IS MY MAN!"