Wednesday, May 5, 2010

go going.

brooklyn alter

my favorite piece at an art show in an old convent(!).

the highline, manhattan. supposedly this hotel is a hot spot for exhibitionist, too bad we missed them.


raw food macro ying yang.

a balmy ride.

5 borough bike toooouuuurrr!


even spidey WuZ thaRe!

sculpture park.

take note....

they are, always.

an ancient comb. i want, i need.

stock photos make me swoon.

lovely laughs.

future father-in-law.

last night (for now at least).

pretty happy to go to vermont on the train.

bye felicia.

damn, i forgot to rotate this image. just turn your head to the right and i am in that room right now! (fresh bouquet ala kirk!)

the sun gets up early here.

stiles and her bike. we will ride tomorrow!!


ahhhh. 200 years old!

getting ready to creep me out.

creeping me out.

flying trapeze, for real.

i don't know why i don't live here.

downtown mountain peeks.

good looker.

golden naps.

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