Sunday, September 30, 2007

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here i am. in my new room. i can hear friends laughing but i'm content right here. i feel like a disco ball. molly and i got new plants today. saw a rainbow. moved my whole life to a new whole life. and even went to ikea (which is weird boring by the way). molly also made her and i dinner. we sat at the adult table then watched cher videos. half breed? watch it. also, while i was in painting fury yesterday stabo came over for an afternoon beer. what fun. and fyi stabo, i drank that other biggy shiner after you left which prompted a sudden "break". i watched "the last picture show" and loved it.
yo, cybil shepard is a fox.

at my new house:
-there are laundry facilities( in my kitchen!). the first i've had in 5 years.
-i live with 3 boys.
-kekin brewed beer tonight.
-jason played soccer then went to a play.
-and chris/tara hung out in my room, loving spirit whisper and gave me a bunch of hi-fives.
-i can take walks.
-mi madre's is just riiiiiight there.

look at these. and take a deep breathe. because it's good for you.


ahhhh. magic.


i'm going to miss this kitchen.

so, i will end with this treasure. night ya'll.

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