Sunday, September 30, 2007

turn the page...

here i am. in my new room. i can hear friends laughing but i'm content right here. i feel like a disco ball. molly and i got new plants today. saw a rainbow. moved my whole life to a new whole life. and even went to ikea (which is weird boring by the way). molly also made her and i dinner. we sat at the adult table then watched cher videos. half breed? watch it. also, while i was in painting fury yesterday stabo came over for an afternoon beer. what fun. and fyi stabo, i drank that other biggy shiner after you left which prompted a sudden "break". i watched "the last picture show" and loved it.
yo, cybil shepard is a fox.

at my new house:
-there are laundry facilities( in my kitchen!). the first i've had in 5 years.
-i live with 3 boys.
-kekin brewed beer tonight.
-jason played soccer then went to a play.
-and chris/tara hung out in my room, loving spirit whisper and gave me a bunch of hi-fives.
-i can take walks.
-mi madre's is just riiiiiight there.

look at these. and take a deep breathe. because it's good for you.


ahhhh. magic.


i'm going to miss this kitchen.

so, i will end with this treasure. night ya'll.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

And a new words I remember some.

So, there's the language phenomenon of "X is the new Y," or any variant thereof--where a common maxim or "line" is switched up to suit particular circumstance and, generally, to be funny. Happens on all fronts. From questionable declarations about the "new black," to "I don't like (x), I love her," (Thanks, Ten CC and your song "Dreadlock Holiday" for that.) this speech pattern is referred to as snowclones. I don't really get why, or I think that if you're going to get thee to a punnery on this front, you actually have to be funny. But that's just me being petty. Anyway, I like knowing that this stuff is not only noticed by the linguistic community, but termed and discussed in other blogs.

Started reading that word column in the back of the Atlantic Monthly and thought of a new one for over-enthusiastic Zionism: Jewbris. I'm not sure I'll be using it in many conversations, but...I blew my own mind when that thought bubble wafted out.


I'm only saying...

Having out of body experiences can be weird.

In other news, a little club is starting around the nabe, and it's called SISS. I think we're all in it. Either "Sorry I'm So Slow", or "Sisters In Slow Solidarity." And I can't get my homework done. So, I'm showing my professor my SISS membership card. I hope she gets it.

Monday, September 24, 2007

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

a wide smile.

the oh so fun night of ultimate buddyship. i love nature. and stacia.

we took the whip to the whip-in and had health insurance talk with the cashiers.

this is it: krause springs. pretty spectacular. the ferns were fluorescent! the waterfall was powerful! and the air smelled so sweet.

i do.

gnarly is a way of life.

a pleasant cypress grove. for me and you.

yeah, we drank that. and it was good?

morning bloomer.

oh, haai!! just here, having fun.

Monday, September 17, 2007

just another mystic monday.

i woke up feeling today. feeling life. and feeling good. so akiko and i took a stroll around the yard! we explored the luscious work of spiders, overgrown walkways, and said goodbye to our summer okra....

kiko and lee. being friends.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

armpit tickle.

the first time i watched this movie i covered one eye for the whole thing. i thought it was "bad". but in all reality the only thing i was never allowed to watch was "married with children". where is the logic in that? ah well.
now i have the soundtrack.

Monday, September 10, 2007

professor cool.

and today he said,"it's lucky when you find a feather." and i swear to heck, at that moment, i reached for something in my bag and pulled out a feather.
dang, i wish math was always that mystical.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

...and it's the best I could have hoped for.

The only time I felt like a couple and was relieved to be home alone after it all. You guys know all that dread for nothing it was nothing not much at all.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

i feel nervous.
let's just focus on whats below.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

and corn.

shit. talk about feelin nice. only the best, most grownup, birth day experience of them all.
i mean, if i bottled up all the tears shed tonight i could probably sell it to "wink" and they'd cover thos guys with gastrique. for $26.

now i have the most unique B.O. and can't stop thinking about the 3 times that *mark* touched me. not to mention scopin out the the tall cook with the mystery case.
flute? (insert Ariel's theme song here).

just another mystical evening.

i will end with an excerpt from Edith Warton's "Old New York". molly lent me this book while hurricane dean was invading my me.

"What is there in the atmosphere of such houses that makes them so enchanting to a fastidious and imaginative youth? Why is it that "those women" (as others call them) alone know how to put the awkward at ease, check the familiar, smile a little at the over-knowing, and yet encourage naturalness in all? The difference of atmosphere is felt on the very threshold. The flowers grow differently in their vases, the lamps and easy-chairs have found a cleverer way of coming together, the books on the table are the very ones that one is longing to get hold of. The most perilous coquetry may not be in a woman's way of arranging her dress but in her way of arranging her drawing-room; and in this art Mrs. Hazeldean excelled."

Party like you have no foreskin

There is a website called, and it's about masturbation and you. I'm looking for information about un-circumcised wieners. Any input?

Happy birthday, Meg. Molly and I are covered in dirt and hunting for pretty things for you.