Tuesday, September 16, 2008

in response.

dear anastasia,
thank you for the house warming presents! i especially like the breakfast bunny. once i had a house warming party and someone brought me a sweater. today i remembered all these things from my childhood like, how my first word was "eat" and my favorite sound was the microwave.

my new room is small and my bed is big. i don't need an area rug but, thank you for thinking about that important detail.

i figured out the density of the moon. then got stumped while trying to configure the distance between earth and mars. considering their ever changing placement, perihelion and aphelion, in accordance to the sun.

i heard you were on the harvest moon ride. so was i. here's proof:

oh, and BINGO!

i also read about this man named Emanuel Haldeman-Julius who was an influential socialist, author, and publisher of the "Little Blue Book" series. the books were scandalous for their time because they talked about everything from how to be a better lover to how to analyze your neighbors. which, by the way, i've been doing a lot of. the man next door is a bit of a treat, definitely through my over sized windows.

let's sit on a rooftop. be friends up high.


here is a lovely photo: of the best gals.

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