Monday, September 8, 2008

life. style.

this weekend was jam packed with a unique trip to san antonio, art shows galore, birthday fun with kathleen, and more 90210.

little oma.

serious sparkle circle city building went down in celebration of the great kathleen! 25 YEARS!

the birthday girl and rad man: my NEW ROOMATES!


shiny happy babes!

the girl, adorned.

the aftermath!

toe point!

san antonio trots.

JP gets a hat!

fancy pants pinata!

birthday girl take 5,093,221!

kate gittles.

a flavor for you?
creepy cruff.

team mom and daughter!

this woman made me cry. i don't if it was the beautiful voice, gold grill, or rad shoes, i was teared up.

yet another ghosty vision.


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