Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Housewarming gifts for your digital home.

A personal disco.

A breakfast bunny.

Some old 20th C. modern teak shit.

Some cute plants.

Dear Jessica,

How is your new house? How are our friends with whom you've shacked up? What's your room feeling like? Do you need an area rug?

I'm writing a personal timeline at a coffeeshop not so near to you, watching strange, preppy couples make their way through their philosophy homework, and skinny men with skinny jeans and glasses tap away on skinny Macs. Tap, tap, tap.

I have been calling up students' parents. I have been sleeping. I have been blowing off my Tuesday night class, because it seemed like too much to be so tired and then drive all that way to talk about special ed. students. I have been missing you.

So, tell me all about it. My heart flies to you. School? What is your fun? Where have you been? Will you save a slice of Saturday night for a date with an old lady?

Fingers crossed for success across the board.


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